Have you ever hired someone you thought was great and a few weeks in, it turned out to be a disaster?

Here's why ⬇️
>>You didn't interview them properly<<

So if you are ready to change that, and learn the art and the science of interviewing to hire your next rockstar (or identify if they are a bullet you need to dodge) you need to watch this Interviewing Masterclass.



I believe that every entrepreneur deserves to feel fully supported by a capable team that they trust.

And I want you to know it's possible for you too.

You can learn how to avoid the pain of  awkward conversations.

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To interview potential team members properly (to be able to choose the right person) you need to:

➡️ Get crystal clear on who is right for you 

➡️ Quickly identify if someone is going to be amazing or average  

➡️ Understand the depth and breadth of the skills they can bring (and not just take their word for it)

➡️ Have an exploratory conversation that flows, allows you both to get honest, talk about what you need and want

So you can feel great about your next hire, knowing they are going to be perfect for you - hooray!

The reality? 

⬆️ This doesn't come naturally to most entrepreneurs.  It's simply a skill that needs to be learnt.

This masterclass covers everything you need to know to 


(and includes 3 epic templates I usually only share with my private clients)

Jam packed with real resources & practical solutions, you'll learn how to make your next hire a huge success.

This is a complete interviewing roadmap to get you the clarity you need to transform from stuck and uncertain into a confident and powerful leader who knows exactly what and who they need and how to identify and inspire the right people to work with them. 

I've packed 15 years of my Recruitment & HR expertise (where I've literally interviewed 1000's of people) into this  easy to follow system.

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In this 90 MIN masterclass, you will learn: 

1. A simple, ridiculously effective interview framework and all the tools you need to implement right away  

2. A system that feels easy and that you can apply to every hire from your next VA to a CEO!  

3.  You'll learn what questions to ask, what to test & exactly what to say to assess skills and inspire great people 

4. You'll also learn the secrets to setting up a great relationship from the get-go so you don't face awkward conversations in the future

You get:

✔︎A recording of the 90 minute masterclass
✔︎ 1 x Template and 1x Worksheet which will become your go to hiring resources 
✔︎ A list of example interview questions and an example Job Advertisement 

You'll walk away feeling confident & ready to grow your business, knowing you have the knowledge and skills to HIRE THE RIGHT PEOPLE to achieve your BIG goals & BIG dreams. 

you'll use this interview framework over and over again. 

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"I signed up for Paula's Interview Masterclass feeling really unsure of myself when it comes to hiring. I haven't done a lot of employee/contractor interviews before, so I knew I needed guidance. I was amazed at how simple Paula made it all feel and the templates she provided in the masterclass were absolutely perfect. I've now got a clear system to use to tackle the next hire in my business, and I feel so much more confident in my chances of finding my perfect match"  
Sophia Pallas, Copywriter
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"Changing the recruitment approach & putting the frameworks into practice has given me a lot more time, & made the process easier to select people as only the right people are responding to the job ad. It has definitely created more time & money."
Jane McFadden, Body & Mind

Big Dreams need Great Teams


AUD $147


  • 90 minute video
  • Hiring Templates & Examples
  • Lifetime access

*price includes GST if you are an Australian business

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