Fundamentals of Leadership


Are you constantly checking, worrying and monitoring your TEAM? 

Do you secretly wish they would do more, make less mistakes, listen better... so you get what you want done, on time.. every time!?

 (All with less involvement from you?) 

Before your frustration flows over into resentment and you start to feel like your big business goals aren't worth it anymore, I want you to know this.  


Every single leader needs  help honing this powerful skill of communicating and delegating effectively at some stage of their entrepreneurial journey.

You've created a successful business as an entrepreneur because you're amazing at what you do, but what this doesn't automatically translate to is knowing how to lead and manage a team.

It's a learning process to develop the skills to set expectations in a super clear way, and to hold people accountable and motivate, inspire, encourage and support them to be their best...

The right words don't suddenly fly out of your mouth 'just because' you are an entrepreneur!! 

Most entrepreneurs need to learn the skill of being a successful leader in a fast growing small business.

And the good news is that YOU CAN learn this ART of powerful AND graceful leadership so your team will perform like rockstars and you can love coming into work again. 

The Fundamentals of Leadership program will show you how.


When you've got your business off the ground, it's easy to get stuck in 'doing' mode.  When you are stuck, you'll find that you've become part of the process, constantly 'involved' in doing and as a result...your growth will stall and you'll stay stuck...unless you learn to shift out of doing and INTO LEADING as an effective CEO.

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Does this sound familiar?...

✔︎ You've got a few people on your team, but you are still feeling so busy.

✔︎ You thought hiring people would free up your time, but now you're bogged down with reviewing work, answering questions and fixing problems. There feels like there is not much space in your day or your brain.

✔︎ You've got BIG plans and BIG dreams but they quietly feel impossible 'cause you can't DO any more. You know you should delegate more, but it still feels easier to just do it yourself.

✔︎ You keep finding mistakes and worry about how to give feedback without feeling like 'a bitch' or being 'too direct'. Time is so short, it's easier to fix the mistakes yourself and just focus on the positives, because losing anyone on the team would be a disaster.  

 ✔︎ You like your team - they are nice people! And you want them to like you! But you also need them to step up and not have so much reliance on you... 

If only you had the exact steps to guide you through this murky time so you can effectively instruct, empower and truly LEAD your team into being the rockstar support system of your dreams. 




A self-paced 4-module program showing you how to get what you want (and deserve) from your team and how to make those conversations feel like a walk in the park!


The Fundamentals of Leadership Program is a simple, easy to understand (and just as importantly, easy to implement) roadmap to take you from feeling uncertain and frustrated to powerful, graceful and confident.

The type of leader you know you can be.

I've packaged up all my wisdom from my 17+ years Recruitment & HR experience supporting small business owners just like you and I've summarised it in this short program.

Plus I draw on my own experience as an entrepreneur starting 3 x businesses and hiring over 50 people for myself!

You get the exact steps and the exact language you need to make leading and motivating your team feel like a system. 

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"I am really enjoying the course.  I am already using the techniques to better explain my expectations to my team and it's helping me to keep my head in the right space. Such great timing, Thank you!"
Kate Rayment, Director - Luv Your Phone 


This is a self-paced learning program so you can start anytime with lifetime access.  

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You get immediate access to all four modules to dive straight in.

You'll also receive weekly emails to keep you accountable to completing and implementing your learning. 

The Fundamental of Leadership program includes: 
🙌 4 x Pre-recorded Training Videos (30-45 mins each)
🙌 4 x Workbooks (includes templates & tips) for your implementation
🙌 A teaching style that is short, practical and appropriate for small growing business. 
🙌 Lots of a-ha moments and exact steps to instantly apply in your business to see real impactful change. 

Total 'learning' time is approx 2.5hrs plus your implementation time.

By the end of the program you will have:

🔥 Learnt so much about how to communicate better so you can get the results you truly desire (and deserve!).

🔥 Totally transformed how you view conversations and the results fro those conversations will be tangible. 

🔥 Confidence and the empowerment from both the knowledge and the tools to elevate into a powerful graceful CEO and Leader who know how to support her team to perform.  

AND you'll use this framework over and over again.

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Module 1

The Art of Setting Expectations (so you can finally get what you need & deserve)

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Module 2

The Art of Letting Go Of Control While Staying In Control (so you can get your time back).

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Module 3

The Art of Difficult Conversations (so they can feel easy & inspiring to you both)

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Module 4

The Art of Simple Team Systems (to transform their performance and your diary)

Want a taste of the program?
Preview the welcome video here ➡️



Ready to elevate and learn to lead more effectively?

Fundamentals of Leadership Program

AUD $147


  • Immediate program access to all modules
  • 4 x Training videos 
  • 4 x Workbooks
  • Lifetime access
Buy NOW - $147
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"This course opened my eyes to what I needed to do to take my business to the next level.  I know now that without this basic framework, I was wasting time and money and just hoping for the best! This is invaluable for me as a business owner."  
Amy Cox, Playful Families
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"I keep reflecting on your materials and they are just so valuable. This training has made me feel empowered in my role and I am now clear about what I need to do and feel confident with all the conversations I need to have."
Bonny Marsh, Director & Operations Manager Truii
BUY NOW $147
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"I really like the way you broke down a plan and the team were accountable for specific results. I don't feel uncomfortable giving feedback, but to hear your language in your recorded example was really helpful."
Laura MacLeod, Director - MacLeod Education 
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