Want to get some more time and sanity back in your business?

Learn how to step up and LEAD your team to achieve your big goals.

Get a simple, highly effective framework that will mean more $$$ and time with less guesswork and frustration.


If you’re a 6 figure business owner, who is still doing ‘too much’ and struggling to grow and scale

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This might sound familiar...

✔︎ You've worked out your business foundations, brought in some help, but you've got your finger in too many pies and you are still far too 'busy'.

✔︎ You know that you need to find more time, get a clearer head and focus on the right things (those that will actually catapult your business forward).

✔︎ You have BIG dreams to grow and scale and you know you need to get out of your own way.

✔︎ You are getting close to breaking point.  If you don't slow down or make some changes, you'll burn out or probably give up. 

If only you had the exact steps to guide you through this murky time when you are stepping into leadership and learning how to guide and empower your people to turn them into a dream team! 

What if there was a way to make managing people feel like a breeze? Great news... everything you need is found inside


A self-paced (heck, I know you are busy!) 4-module online program.  

Inside is a complete roadmap to take you from struggling to a super confident leader.

I've taken everything I've learnt from my 15 years in Recruitment & HR plus my own first hand experience starting 3 businesses and packaged it up as a 4 week self-paced program.

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"I am really enjoying the course.  I am already using the techniques to better explain my expectations to my team and it's helping me to keep my head in the right space. Such great timing, Thank you!"
Kate Rayment, Director - Luv Your Phone 


This is a four-week self-paced program, teaching you the exact steps to take the headache out of managing your team.  Each week, you'll be emailed one module of training to work on. 

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Each module will include:
🙌 1 x training video (30-45 minutes long)
🙌 1 x workbook and
🙌 All the templates you need to implement the learnings

Total 'learning' time is only 2.5 hours and Module 1 is ready for you straight away.

By the fourth week you will have taken action, be feeling the benefits and you'll know exactly what to do next.    

The modules will cover:
☆ How to set crystal clear expectations so you get what you need
☆ How to hand over control (of the stuff you don't want to do!) while still staying in control of your business
☆ How to have 'those' conversations you need to, in a way that feels easy.
☆ How to use simple routines and systems to get your freedom back.  

You'll walk away feeling confident and ready to keep growing your business, knowing that you have the knowledge and the skills to lead your team to achieve your BIG goals and BIG dreams. And you'll use this framework over and over again. 

Want a taste of the program? Preview the welcome video here ➡️




Option 1: Fundamentals of Leadership Program

AUD $247


  • Full program access
  • 4 x Training videos 
  • 4 x Workbooks
  • Bonuses resources
  • Lifetime access
Start Now for $247

Option 2: Fundamentals of Leadership Program & 1:1 Support

AUD $599


  • Full program access
  • 4 x Training videos
  • 4 x Workbooks
  • Bonus resources & Lifetime access
  • VIP - 60 minute Private Coaching with Paula
Start Now for $599
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"This course opened my eyes to what I needed to do to take my business to the next level.  I know now that without this basic framework, I was wasting time and money and just hoping for the best! This is invaluable for me as a business owner."  
Amy Cox, Playful Families
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"I keep reflecting on your materials and they are just so valuable. This training has made me feel empowered in my role and I am now clear about what I need to do and feel confident with all the conversations I need to have."
Bonny Marsh, Director & Operations Manager Truii
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