These short online courses are designed for 
leaders of small growing businesses who are ready to take control and drive their business success!

New to hiring and want to get it right from the outset...saving you time, $$ and headaches? This practical, easy to follow online course will teach you how to hire the right person to suit you and your business.


If you have a few team members and are ready to amp them up, this course is for you! Master the basics you need to know to amp up your team's performing and become an inspiring and powerful CEO.


This 90 minute Masterclass walks you through common pitfalls of badly run interviews, tips for what to do instead in an effortless and meaningful way, plus I share 3 of my most powerful hiring tools and templates.


Hi, I'm Paula

I'm an entrepreneur and small business consultant.

I've been teaching small business owners how to build AWESOME teams for over 10 years.

My background in corporate recruiting and entrepreneurship means I have all the simple steps, tools and templates you need to become a powerful CEO with a support team you love and trust. 

I know it's possible for you.. and I can't wait to support you to reach your business dreams.

Let's get started!


Jane McFadden, Director - Body and Mind

"Changing the recruitment approach and putting some of the frameworks into practice has really given me a lot more time, and made the process easier to select people as only the right people are responding to the job ad. It has definitely created me more time and money"

Bonny Marsh, Director - Truii

"This course and working with Paula has transformed how I think about my role in the business. She supported me from a reactionary place to a considered approach. She has a wealth of knowledge and a generosity of spirit so that you feel like you have your own personal business champion. Thank you Paula!"

Sophia Pallas, Copywriter & Launch Strategist

"Before I went through the hiring process, I knew I was missing out on opportunities because I was so bogged down in doing ALL the things. I feel so much more relaxed and organised now. It’s incredible how having an amazing person to lean on in my business has shifted things for me. I can actually breathe again and get on with the stuff that I’m great at. And she just does things – before I even ask!"

Amy Cox, Owner - Playful Families

"This course opened my eyes to what I needed to do to take my business to the next level.  I know now that without this basic framework, I was wasting time and money and just hoping for the best! This is invaluable for me as a business owner."