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Wouldn't it be nice if you no longer had to do all the things?

To have someone by your side you can trust

Who you know is capable, shows up consistently and takes some of the load

So you can get a bit of SPACE back

In your business and your life!

To start to enjoy it all again

(Maybe even take a holiday where you can actually relax?)

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Hey, I'm Paula

I'm a team building expert and I've spent the last 10 + years teaching amazing entrepreneurs (just like you!) how to hire the right people to work with them.

I'm here to take away the nerves and save you all the mistakes and headaches of learning to build a team on your own.

(Because you don't have time for that!)

This program is designed to get you confidently moving on your path to hiring your first rockstar team member!

Over my career I've literally interviewed thousands of people for so many businesses and as an entrepreneur I've hired over fifty people for myself!

So I've taken all my knowledge and packed the must-know fundamentals into this program, tailored specifically for entrepreneurs ready to grow.

So whether you are ready for your first Virtual Assistant, a full-time employee... or maybe you aren't even sure about any of that (yet!) 

This short program will cover everything you need to know to feel CONFIDENT and READY to hire right, the first time

Because I know you are an amazing entrepreneur who is great at what she does.

But it's time to get your finger out of all those pies, stop feeling so damn busy & find the time (& head space) to make real traction towards your big dreams.

You deserve to make those dreams come true.

And deep down you know you can't do it all on your own.

So let's get you the support you know you need.


This is a self-paced 6 module course,  teaching you the exact steps to hire your first team member (and get it right, the first time!)  Each module has one training video to watch (approx 15 minutes long) & just one workbook for the whole course. 

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I know how busy you are, so
>>The total 'learning' time is a super efficient, high impact 80 minutes

>> All the videos are short, sharp, highly practical & self paced

>> By the end of Module 6, you'll be crystal clear WHO you need, HOW to find them & WHAT you need to do when they join your biz.

The program covers:
✨ What a GREAT Team looks like

✨ OPTIONS for growing your team
✨ What to do FIRST before starting the hiring process
✨ How to FIND the right person

✨ INTERVIEW TIPS to only select a rockstar
✨ What to do to INFLUENCE your newbies success

You'll go from feeling confused & stuck to confident & oh-so ready to jump into this next stage of your business

In no time you'll have your time & headspace back (hello balance!)

Plus you can repeat this process each time you need to grow.

Get started now:

Hire Your First Team Member

AUD $97 (normally $147)


  • Full program access
  • 6 x Modules
  • 6 x Training Videos 
  • 1 x Workbook with action taking Templates
  • Lifetime access
START NOW FOR $97 (normally $147)
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Sophia Pallas, Coach & Consultant - Sophia Pallas Copywriter

"The Hire Your First Team Member course was an absolute game-changer for me. I’ve been getting ready to hire someone for several months now but didn’t know where to start or what to look out for when recruiting on my own. This short course was an absolute gold mine of information and tips that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. Paula’s straight-forward but detailed (leaves no stone unturned) approach was exactly what I needed to get my s#it together. It's worth much more!! Thank you!" 

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Mim Jenkinson, Founder - Love From Mim

"This course and the workbook helped me to create the environment, tasks and processes as I went through and totally took away that ‘overwhelm’ feeling that has been keeping me stuck. I feel really confident now and I loved picturing my ideal team and working environment".

GET STARTED NOW FOR JUST $97 (normally $147)
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